Green Graphics

In this book published by IndexBook Barcelona, the authors Vicky Eckert, Efrén Zúñiga and Anna Freixas focus on graphic communication projects related to the environment and climate change.



More than 150 projects created by professional designers in 23 countries ranging from corporate images, advertising campaigns and promotional activities to websites, books and exhibitions where design reinforces a new objective in itself: raising public awareness.

The design and color of its cover, printed with one color only, is completed after pulling out the nine diecut pieces wich can be assambled to form a tree. Every leave of this tree represents one of the 7 subjects treated in the book. The leave topic finds its continuation within the letter design of the title. The tree, symbol for life and balance, is also acompanied by the drawings of some of its smallest dwellers.

Dealing with two covers, an exterior one for protection and another interior one to add color, also make possible to combine two aims at a time: the functionality required by libraries and the desire of the authors to present the subject in a landscape format.

The small sculpture, exposed on the desk, is a permanent reminder of the importance of considering sustainability within everyday’s activities, still if the book itself remains in the bookshelf.